Announcing the Bitcoin Design Guide


The Bitcoin Design Guide is a product of the Bitcoin Design Community, which was kick-started by Square Crypto in the summer of 2020. We realized that one of the biggest hurdles for designers in Bitcoin was a startling lack of reference resources. If you wanted to design Bitcoin applications, you had to do as much researching as designing.

What’s in the guide?

More than fifty information-filled pages define this first version of the guide. Here’s a brief look at what’s inside.

What’s next

So is the Bitcoin Design Guide done? Not at all. Since Bitcoin is always evolving, so will the guide. To keep the guide, ourselves, and the greater bitcoin design community up to speed, we’re always looking for additional feedback and contributors. The more people who chip in, the more people the guide can help. Join us in the Bitcoin Design community Slack to get in touch.



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Bitcoin Design

Bitcoin Design


A free, open-source community resource for designers, developers and others working on non-custodial Bitcoin products.